The Mocker and the Brawler: Coming Soon

You’ve been staring at the internet waiting and watching for Isadora Fleming’s next adventure. That wait is not going to be much longer. I’m pleased to officially announce the upcoming novella The Mocker and the Brawler, which takes place immediately after the prison plot in With Her in the Night. Like previous installments, The Mocker and the Brawler will first be released on Amazon Kindle with a print version following shortly thereafter.

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The Locations of “Even Unto Death”

The spy genre carries with it a number of traditions and tropes that any fan expects. Among these are plot twists, betrayal, cars, guns, mystery, women, conspiracy, and so on. The most common spy tropes that everyone is familiar with come from James Bond, and rightfully so. Half the time anyone discusses the spy genre at all, they’re strictly speaking of Bond. Of course, there’s much more than that. What about George Smiley? I try to throw out nods here and there to everything in Isadora’s novellas, and I try to stay true to the established genre where I can. A flavor for the international is one such way.

Even Unto Death takes you to three locations across the globe: Boston, London, and São Paulo. Each one is realized with the best detail I could provide to give it authentic flavor. Of the three, Boston is the least described. I have never been to Boston, so it would difficult to give it much of anything besides a second-hand account. I lived in São Paulo for about seven years and spent a little time in London, so I’ve had a chance to feel both cities, which is very different from hearing about it or seeing pictures. I can only try to simulate that feeling of being there. Continue reading

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