The Origins of Isadora Fleming

When Fight for the Undead was finished, nobody ever said that Isadora Fleming was their favorite character. Sergei Pavlov earned quite a few votes, many appreciated his arc and candor. Lena Sandburg’s optimism earned her some favor. The most typical choice was Paul Holdsworth, whose drunkenness and sarcasm made folks laugh. But Isadora and Hank were barely mentioned. Now, I understand not liking Hank. I don’t even like Hank anymore. But Isadora is my favorite. She wasn’t my favorite when I started, but I grew to love her character. And now I’m here to tell you why and to tell you her story. This is not the story you read in her novellas, this is her story as a character. Continue reading

The Mocker and the Brawler: Coming Soon

You’ve been staring at the internet waiting and watching for Isadora Fleming’s next adventure. That wait is not going to be much longer. I’m pleased to officially announce the upcoming novella The Mocker and the Brawler, which takes place immediately after the prison plot in With Her in the Night. Like previous installments, The Mocker and the Brawler will first be released on Amazon Kindle with a print version following shortly thereafter.

Want some details? Of course you do. Continue reading

The Mocker and the Brawler