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The world ravaged by the undead, Isadora Fleming wants only a safe world for her son. When her past as an MI-6 assassin returns and threatens the life she created for her son, Isadora takes action. Along with a team of mercenary commandos, Isadora must face the dead and deadly to destroy her past.

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The Locations of “Even Unto Death”

The spy genre carries with it a number of traditions and tropes that any fan expects. Among these are plot twists, betrayal, cars, guns, mystery, women, conspiracy, and so on. The most common spy tropes that everyone is familiar with come from James Bond, and rightfully so. Half the time anyone discusses the spy genre at all, they’re strictly speaking of Bond. Of course, there’s much more than that. What about George Smiley? I try to throw out nods here and there to everything in Isadora’s novellas, and I try to stay true to the established genre where I can. A flavor for the international is one such way.

Even Unto Death takes you to three locations across the globe: Boston, London, and São Paulo. Each one is realized with the best detail I could provide to give it authentic flavor. Of the three, Boston is the least described. I have never been to Boston, so it would difficult to give it much of anything besides a second-hand account. I lived in São Paulo for about seven years and spent a little time in London, so I’ve had a chance to feel both cities, which is very different from hearing about it or seeing pictures. I can only try to simulate that feeling of being there. Continue reading


Even Unto Death – Prologue

How about a free sample? Here are the first few pages of Even Unto Death, which comes out Friday, February 7th, 2014.

São Paulo, Brazil, 2005


Any number of factors can determine the trajectory of a sniper shot. The first of these is the rifle itself. The length of the barrel determines the speed and rotation of the round, while the rifle’s weight adds or subtracts kick, which can alter the bullet’s placement. Wind pushes the round, making it a factor in the bullet’s travel. Pressure and humidity both play factors in bullet speed. In the most extreme of distances, the Coriolis Effect, the very rotation of the earth, can play tricks on bullet trajectory. All of these are nothing next to the most important of aspect of sniping: the shooter. Only the shooter can guide her aim to overcome wind, pressure, humidity, gravity, and the earth itself to make the kill.

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The Isadora Playlist

Often when I write, my works tend to develop, in my mind, a particular sound texture. Sometimes it’s based on whatever I happen to be listening to as I write or it could just be whatever my particular jam is at the time. It works both ways. Music inspires me in ways that other art can’t. Music can help me put mood onto scenes, it can generate texture, or it inspire a passage outright. I’ll often create a playlist on my hard drive for the very purpose of putting myself in a particular mood.

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Anna in a Field

Meet the Real Isadora

Anna with her husband, Mike

Anna and her husband

Talent piques curiosity in the observer. Anna Bernas (née Melillo) is an exceptional example of talent and I am thoroughly happy as one of her observers. I can’t remember exactly how I met Anna or when I found out she drew, but I know we met through friends at Liberty University, where I was studying English and she nursing. Soon, I saw a few examples of her drawings and my curiosity was piqued so far that I needed to know what she could do with a book cover. And that’s how the cover of Omega: War and the Supernatural was born.

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Praise the Helix

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